DEFINITION: causing strong emotions / arousing or being able to arouse an intense feeling

“That is what my style of photography is about. On one side capturing the emotions and on the other side being able to trigger emotions in the viewer.”
“I don’t photograph what it looks like, I photograph what it feels like.”

Bali Wedding Photographer


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Michelle Pastel is a Bali Wedding Photographer who focuses on capturing photographs that convey the emotional highlights of a couple’s wedding.

Bali Wedding Photographer Michelle explains:

For me it is more important to capture how a wedding feels than how it looks. It is those fleeting moments that define how your big day in Bali will be remembered.

As a Bali Wedding Photographer, I also always strive to capture the elements that are uniquely Bali. Whether it is the stunning vista of your wedding venue or the details of your décor or other elements that reflect what makes a wedding in Bali so special.

Michelle’s style can be best described natural & authentic. None of the typical ‘look here & smile’ photographs, but a genuine, unposed story of a couple’s wedding day.

With over 12 years experience as a Bali Wedding Photographer Michelle will deliver you images that will certainly make you proud when you share your wedding photographs with friends and family.

You will remember your big day in Bali not only by how it looked like but by experiencing the authentic feeling that you experienced on the day.

As a truly professional Bali Wedding Photographer Michelle works politely and unobtrusively, without any backdoor fees or nasty tricks that have become all too common in Bali.

If you consider your wedding pictures as an investment into your family’s archive and if you understand the value of outstanding images then probably Michelle Pastel is your perfect Bali Wedding Photographer.


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