Who is the best Bali pre-wedding photographer?

I sometimes get asked who may be the best Bali pre-wedding photographer. And actually, the answer to this is simpler than you may have thought. Why?

Because the Best Bali Pre Wedding Photographer is the one who is best for you. And as we know different people have different tastes, different preferences, different likes & dislikes. And therefore there is no one-size-fits-all best Bali pre-wedding photographer. 

And on top of that, the question of who is the best Bali pre-wedding photographer also needs to be put into the context of your budget. Because there is no point considering a photographer whose services are outside of your budget. 

And last but not least different pre-wedding photographers in Bali go to different locations, have different services included in their packages and have different inclusions and deliverables as part of their packages. So what may be important to you may be of no relevance to other couples. 

Consequently, only you yourself will be able to answer the question of who is the best Bali pre-wedding photographer. And I am sure we all agree that different folks will come to different conclusions. 

In the following let me show you my personal favorite Bali pre-wedding photographs. And maybe, just maybe, I am your choice as your best pre-wedding photographer in Bali. 



I always try to incorporate water in my photographs. And in particular the sea.

Bali Engagement Photography

Simplicity often works best…

Bali Engagement Photography

The Beauty of your love combined with the Beauty of Bali

Bali Engagement Photography

Its all about enjoying and having fun…

Bali Engagement Photography

When the light is magical…


Its about YOU and BALI !


How did you feel in that moment ?

How to get the Best out of your pre-wedding photos in Bali ?

In the following, I would like to share some more suggestions and tips on how to find the very best Bali pre-wedding photographer.

Look, look and then look again !

To find your best Bali Pre-wedding photographer you should take enough time to review the portfolios which different Bali pre-wedding photographers display on their websites. Don’t go by what others say. Trust your own individual taste and preferences.

Different photographers have different styles, they go to different locations. Some Bali pre-wedding photographers have highly posed shots. Others make very natural looking photographs. What appeals most to you ? What is important to you ?

Ask about inclusions and what you get from your package There is fierce competition here on our island, especially on the low end of the market for pre-wedding photography in Bali.

So it is important that you pay close attention to what will be included in your pre-wedding photo package and what is not.

Also, there can be great differences in what you will receive from your photographer. Do you also get the unedited files ? Will you get your photographs in high-resolution? Will your photos have a watermark ?

Suffice to say that some pre-wedding photographers in Bali have become more creative with their tricks of selling than with their actual photography.

And many brides and couples who only looked at the package prices without paying attention to details got their fingers burned.


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