Who is the Best Bali Wedding Photographer ? 

Every bride looks forward to the moment when she will proudly show her best wedding photographs to friends and family.  And possibly on Social Media and online. 

And which bride would not want to have the best possible photographs of her wedding in Bali.  And the Best Bali Wedding Photographer.

So, who is the Best Bali Wedding Photographer ?  Is there actually the best wedding photographer in Bali ? And is there only one ? Can you afford the Best?

Fortunately, the answers to those questions are easier than you may have thought. And I will share those answers with you in a moment. But first allow me to show you my portfolio. 

In the following, I have compiled my favorite wedding photographs. I feel that these photographs represent my style.  And give you a good idea on what to expect if you hire me as your wedding photographer. 

So lean back and enjoy:

AYANA Garden wedding photographer

A kiss in pink

Best AYANA wedding photographer

Quality time with dad !

Bali Beach Wedding

Bali Sunset… Do I need to say more ?

Bali Beach Wedding

Flower shower !

Sayan Ubud Wedding

Sometimes it works better in Black & White

Best Ubud Wedding Photographer

They took partying very seriously

Best Ubud Wedding Photographer

Those fleeting moments…

Best Ubud Wedding Photographer

A quiet moment…

Best Ubud Wedding Photographer

The best bridal procession I have ever seen…


Elegance & Light painting

Bali Vintage Wedding Photographer

I love elopement weddings !!

Bali Vintage Wedding Photographer

Details matter…

Best Ubud Wedding Photographer

Dinner for two

Best Ubud Wedding Photographer

Are you sure my love ?

Best Ubud Wedding Photographer

The light, the light, the light…

Best Ubud Wedding Photographer

Hopefully this will work out…


That last ray of sun…


The warmth of love.

Infinity Chapel Wedding Photographer

You are as beautiful as this flower…

Sayan Ubud Wedding

Magnificent Ubud setting. Can you spot the couple ?

Sayan Ubud Wedding

Moments of Joy.


Unforgettable First Dance…

Beach Villa Wedding

Shorescape ! Can you spot the couple ?


How to find your own best wedding photographer in Bali !

First things first: There is no ONE best wedding photographer in Bali. There are many, many options and the best one is the one who is best FOR YOU.

The question who is the Best Bali Wedding Photographer will depend on your preferences in terms of style, level of service, budget and possibly some other factors.

So lets examine those factors one by one.


Best Bali Wedding Photographer – STYLE:

Ask yourself the following questions:

What style of photographs do you like? Do you prefer a photographer who works more with portraits and less big, landscape photographs ? Do you like a photographer who has vibrant, colorful images or one who works more with subtle colors. Do you also like Black & White photos? Do you like vintage, film look photographs or do you like the sparkle and perfection that only digital photos can offer.

Do you like a photographer who has vibrant, colorful images or one who works more with subtle colors. You also like Black & White photos? How about vintage, film look photographs or do you like the sparkle and perfection that only digital photos can offer.

How about vintage, film look photographs or do you like the sparkle and perfection that only digital photos can offer.

You must look critically at the portfolios of the photographers you are evaluating for your big day. Whose portfolio touches you most ?

As for my own style: I am all about capturing human emotions. And your wedding day will be full of those.  


Best Bali Wedding Photographer – SERVICE:

Isn’t it that all photographers provide more or less the same service. Photographs. Well, not quite.

Let me explain: While it is true that at the end of the day you get photographs, the way those photographs are created and what goes into creating those photographs couldn’t be more different.

It’s a bit like with accommodation. At the end of the day you get a room to sleep in. But as we all know accommodation types can range from dorm room beds to super posh 5 star hotels and everything in between.

The same applies for wedding photography services. On the low end you may get one inexperienced guy with a camera and one lens who shoots and then simply puts all those photos onto a disc and surrenders that to you.

At the other end of the service spectrum you can choose a true master photographer with many years of experience and a few hundred weddings in his bag. A wedding photographer will use several high-end cameras and an assortment of the finest lenses. A photographer who will then sort out the good photographs and also enhance them to perfection. A process that can take weeks.

And it is especially this editing and enhancing process that separates the boys from the men. 

In other words you can have a photographer who comes with 1000 USD worth of equipment and who does zero post production and editing. A photographer who in total may spend 4-6 hours on photographing your wedding and then simply copy all the photos onto a disc.

Versus a wedding photographer who comes with 15.000 USD or more of the finest photographic equipment. Several cameras, a 2nd shooter. A photographer who then spends 40 hours or more on carefully selecting and editing your photographs to perfection.

Needless to say the two approaches described above will give you very different photographs.


Best Bali Wedding Photographer – BUDGET:

In Bali you can pay as little as 200,300 USD for a photographer to happily ‘click’ away at your wedding. And you can also find Bali wedding photographers which will cost you 2000, 3000 USD or even more.

Same like you can rent a room in Bali for as little as 10,15 USD a night. And you can also rent a hotel room in Bali for 1000 USD or more.

At the end of the day you need to keep in mind that your wedding photographs are the only thing that will remain with you for a life-time. You should consider your wedding photographs as an investment into your family’s archive. Part of the story that is your and your family’s life !

And once you see wedding photography from that perspective you will realize that it makes complete sense to spend more on getting good photographs, that will make you proud and help you to remember your big day in the best possible way. As opposed to save a few hundred dollars in your overall budget for your wedding.

So, when asking the question who is the Best Bali Wedding Photographer you should carefully weigh your options. You should look the styles different photographer work in as see what is most appealing to you.

Don’t rely on what your wedding planner or other brides have suggested to you. Do your own research, ask questions to your prospective photographer.

If you do your homework right I am sure you will find who is the Best Bali Wedding Photographer for you.

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