Bali Villa wedding for David & Carlota

I had already met David & Carlota almost a year ago when I did their engagement photographs. You can see their Bali engagement photos here.

And I was excited when they told me that their Bali wedding was to take place at one of Bali’s most spectacular cliff top venues.

It was a wedding of superlatives. Let me explain. The couple rented several super luxurious villas plus an entire restaurant and a beach club – all in all 4 venues… I did several hundred weddings in my career but never one that had proceedings in 4 different venues / locations.

Superlative No.2: A bridal party of twenty. TWENTY – Yes ! 10 groom’s men and 10 bride’s maids. David and Carlota explained to me that they had too many good friends whom they did not want to exclude.

Another superlative were the different music and entertainment options. Let’s see if I counted them correctly: a traditional Balinese bamboo music duo to welcome the arriving guests, a small ensemble of classical musicians to provide a regal setting during the wedding rites, a band for the reception, traditional Balinese dancers and to top it off a DJ at the beach for the hardened party freaks.

I never had a wedding with some many entertainers…

But the main superlative was this lovely couple that is David & Carlota… The proof is in the pudding or so they say… Therefore, without further ado please see in the following the highlights of this magnificent event.


Writing about Carlota is hard. Why ?

Because no words can do justice to the magnificence of this bride. Therefore I won’t even try and let the following pictures speak instead:


The wedding bands


Jimmy Choo – what else…

Best-Bali-wedding-photographer Best-Bali-wedding-photographer Best-Bali-wedding-photographer Best-Bali-wedding-photographer Best-Bali-wedding-photographer


David is a very relaxed, easy going and down-to-earth kinda gentleman. The kinda fella you would want to sit down with at a bar for a whole evening and discuss the world and beyond. 

As you can see from the following pictures he definitely likes to immerse himself in vapor… 

I am endlessly thankful to David for teaching me the basics of vaping. That is because our first encounter coincided with me entering the world of vaping. 


international-wedding-photographer-in-Bali international-wedding-photographer-in-Bali international-wedding-photographer-in-Bali international-wedding-photographer-in-Bali


Those ladies were drop-dead gorgeous and also a very international bunch… I heard them speaking English, German, Spanish and some other tongue(s) if I am not mistaken.


Bali-best-wedding-photographer Bali-best-wedding-photographer Bali-best-wedding-photographer Bali-best-wedding-photographer Bali-best-wedding-photographer Bali-best-wedding-photographer



Describing a view for me is a bit like dancing over architecture. So I better let my pictures speak instead.


The view from the altar towards the sea…


The guest’s perspective


Lovely decor


Instructions !?


Quite relaxing

Best-Indonesia-wedding-photographer Best-Indonesia-wedding-photographer Best-Indonesia-wedding-photographer


As on any wedding, the arrival of the bride is the big moment. The moment everyone is waiting for. 

But wait a moment. First, the groom and his entourage have to come, right? So, yes, of course, we have the ‘gents arrival first. But that was pale in comparison to the ladies arriving.

First came the bride’s maids – dressed in different colors. Red – Green – Blue – Orange – Beige: a marvelous composition. 

Carlota was lead in by her father. No words necessary. See for yourself:



Here comes the groom first…


In anticipation


The moment everyone has been waiting for


colorful bride’s maids

finally there she comes Bali-top-photographers Bali-top-photographers


The ceremony started with a beautiful song performed by a member of David’s family. Then the priest took over.

The ceremony had the entire spectrum of emotions. Smiles, laughter, and tears.

And throughout the proceedings, the strong emotional bond between this lovely couple was most apparent.

And when it was time for the first kiss there was electricity in the air… for the lack of a better description. But please see for yourself:


The Parents…


It started with a song


Tears, smiles, laughter – all there…

-Indonesia-top-wedding-photographers -Indonesia-top-wedding-photographers -Indonesia-top-wedding-photographers -Indonesia-top-wedding-photographers -Indonesia-top-wedding-photographers -Indonesia-top-wedding-photographers -Indonesia-top-wedding-photographers -Indonesia-top-wedding-photographers -Indonesia-top-wedding-photographers -Indonesia-top-wedding-photographers -Indonesia-top-wedding-photographers -Indonesia-top-wedding-photographers -Indonesia-top-wedding-photographers -Indonesia-top-wedding-photographers

David & Carlota’s reception venue was among the most spectacular ones I have ever seen. They spared no cost or effort to let their guests indulge in opulence and a truly regal setting. The orange / brown hues of the chairs, the elaborate table decor, and the entire setup were a feast for the eyes. But rather than me rambling on please see for yourself:


Bali-top-wedding-photographer Bali-top-wedding-photographer Bali-top-wedding-photographer Bali-top-wedding-photographer Bali-top-wedding-photographer

David & Carlota made their grand entrance amid cheering crowds and brightly lit sparklers. See the photographs in the following:



Here come the newlyweds

Most-Popular-wedding-photographer-in-Bali Most-Popular-wedding-photographer-in-Bali Most-Popular-wedding-photographer-in-Bali

Best-wedding-photographers-in-Bali Best-wedding-photographers-in-Bali Best-wedding-photographers-in-Bali Best-wedding-photographers-in-Bali Best-wedding-photographers-in-Bali Best-wedding-photographers-in-Bali

Bali-top-wedding-photographers Bali-top-wedding-photographers

Best-wedding-photographer-in-Bali Best-wedding-photographer-in-Bali Best-wedding-photographer-in-Bali Best-wedding-photographer-in-Bali

David & Carlota’s first dance was unlike any I have seen before. It was a mix of dance and performance. Hard to describe, but spectacular to look at.  And fittingly Carlota did a second dance with her father. See for yourself this fantastic first dance in photographs:


Most-Popular-wedding-photographers-in-Bali Most-Popular-wedding-photographers-in-Bali Most-Popular-wedding-photographers-in-Bali Most-Popular-wedding-photographers-in-Bali Most-Popular-wedding-photographers-in-Bali Most-Popular-wedding-photographers-in-Bali Most-Popular-wedding-photographers-in-Bali Most-Popular-wedding-photographers-in-Bali


a magnificent Balinese dance performance


Balinese and Spanish dance – a perfect combo…


One of the evening’s highlights: Carlota’s performance as a singer… more like a diva…


David a true gentleman and a gifted performer

Popular-wedding-photographers-in-Bali Popular-wedding-photographers-in-Bali Popular-wedding-photographers-in-Bali Popular-wedding-photographers-in-Bali Popular-wedding-photographers-in-Bali

In over 100 weddings I photographed this was certainly among the most impressive weddings I have witnessed. I want to thank Carlota & David from the bottom of my heart for letting me be part of this fantastic event that was their wedding. 

If you, like the photographs, tell us what you think. I always love to hear from you.

Thanks for looking.


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